Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Old Timer Review and Giveaway
Old Timer knives bring back so many memories for me. When this package came my thoughts went to my papa and my daddy. I can remember both carrying their trusted, weathered, worn and heavily used but time tested Old Timer Knives. My dad and grandpa carried folding Old Timers similar to this 104OT.
Old Timer is a brand that is known for durability and quality. The Old Timer 1520OT's we were able to try have been amazing knives. They feel awesome in your hands and are so easy to carry. Also, the sheath they come with is so nice and really adds a bit of flair to the knife and makes carrying your 1520OT simple and easy. The 1520OT easily cuts through trees and worked great for clearing our hunting path. The 1520OT is a great multi purpose multi function knife. I personally think it would be an wonderful knife for skinning deer as it just has that feel to it. I live in Eastern KY and it is muzzle loading season here. I was hoping to be able to try out the knife on a deer but alas the men in my life have failed me; no deer but lots of setting and waiting. We did spot several doe and one small buck. The buck was so small though it would have just been sad to have killed it. I don't hunt unless I will use the meat and we have 2 deer in the deep freeze so unless it was a big one I had no plans on shooting it. I loved being able to put my Old Timer 1520OT to the test it handled great and really impressed me I also would like to know how many of you would like to try one out. I have 2 1520OT'S to give away so that means 2 winners be sure you like Schrade, Old Timer and Uncle Henry Knives on facebook and tell them thank you if you want to see more great reviews and giveaways like this from Free For All! Get your entries in below:

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